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Martin Yale 1501X Paper Folder Review

Made in the USA, the Martin Yale 1501x (CV-7) paper folder is a high speed office paper folding machine and is one of Martin Yale’s most popular models on the market today. It automatically feeds and folds large amounts of papers and documents, taking paper sizes anywhere from small 3.5’’ x 5’’ cards to 8.75’’ x 14’’ legal paper. This machine is capable of folding up to 7,500 sheets an hour when set to half fold and using standard weight paper.  The Martin Yale 1501X Auto Folder can also fold up to 3 sheets of stapled papers by manually feeding the packet into the manual bypass. This folding machine is also capable of most the standard folds: letter, z-fold, half, and double parallel folds. In addition, the fold plates on the Martin Yale 1501X are easily customizable and can achieve a variety of different types of folds. The Martin Yale 1501X Paper Folder also comes with a slew other convenient features such as a 150 sheet feed tray capacity as well as the ability to handle up to 24 pounds of paper. The drop down container which catches the papers as they are dispensed from the machine neatly stacks the folded documents and allows for easy handling once the papers are folded. However, also keep in mind, that nesting might occasionally occur with this particular feature and it may be prudent to invest in a folding machine with a conveyor belt system that will dispense the folded papers in fanned stacks. Still, for the most part, this feature is quite convenient and problem free for almost all users.   Another advantage of this folding machine is that it is built to be sturdy, lightweight, and compact. The Martin Yale 1501X  will easily fit on any desk or office table. In fact, it is only 24’’x15’’x16’’ and weighs just 23.3 pounds, much smaller and lighter than some other models. The Martin Yale 1501X is also perfect for non-profit organizations, small business offices, schools, and even churches that need to process a large number of papers. However, what makes the Martin Yale 1501X folding machine so popular is not only its toughness, its wide array of features and its convenient size, but its amazing value. This paper folder has one of the best prices available. You would be hard pressed to find a better office paper folder for the price than the Martin Yale 1501X.  An added bonus of buying this machine is that all Martin Yale finishing equipment, the Martin Yale 1501X Auto Folder included, come with a one year warranty on all the parts. If any of the paper folder’s parts break under normal use-related stressors, Martin Yale will either repair or replace the product still under warranty. It is also important to keep in mind that the Martin Yale 1501X Paper Folder is comparatively one of the most user friendly folding machines. It  folds quickly and efficiently and provides the user with a wide variety of fold options, but does not cost as much as other folding machines. All in all, it is a great find!

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