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Canon PowerShot SX260 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera

When you hear the words 20x Optical Zoom, you are probably thinking in your head that this will be another DSLR camera that is unwieldy and quite hard to carry around because of its bulk. However, that is not the case with the Canon Powershot SX260. A direct predecessor to the SX230, it maintains the 12.1 MP of the old camera but increases the zoom capability from 15x to 20x while retaining the same thin body that allows you to just put it in your pocket for easy and very convenient storage. A hallmark of the standard canon lives up to these days, it can deliver high resolution photos as well as 1080p video capture capabilities.All of these numbers and figures sound impressive, but to the casual buyer, what does it all mean? Do you really need the 20x optical zoom? Yes, if you want to take a really good close up picture of what you want. However, what makes the camera really neat, aside from all of these figures are all of the cool features that comes with it.Cool features like the optical image stabilizer. One of the biggest problems that people have when they take photos is that sudden shake that distorts the photo and blurs some parts of it. That is not going to be a problem here: Canon has developed the technology to the point where you can take some of the most beautiful photos in the moment even if you shake a little. You do not have to regret missing out on a good photo moment again.Then there is the GPS tracking system built into the camera. This is pretty nifty as well if you want to show the people where the photo was taken. The GPS is fairly accurate, pinning down hard to locate areas for some camera, give or take a few meters of error from the actual location. This is pretty good as far as built in GPS systems for cameras go.Most of the shooting options on the camera are comparable to the DSLRs and other contemporaries of the device. Two of the more intriguing features of this camera are the Smart Shutter and the Movie Digest features. The former allows you to control the shutter with a smile or a wink, allowing you to take solo shots without any difficulty and the latter is very unique: it captures a few seconds of the action before taking the shot and then turns it into a VGA clip that you can view.Then there is the camera's physical structure. It is very handy, with easy to access buttons and handgrips to ensure camera stability. The motorized built in flash only comes up when necessary which is something that Canon users have always been looking for and as a bonus, the camera can be put into discrete mode which silences the sounds and turns off the flash so you can really take those candid pictures that catch people by surprise.Overall, the Canon PowerShot SX260 seems to be a good product - a camera that fits into your pocket with ease, takes great shots that are comparable with a DSLR, and has lots of cool features not to mention accurate GPS tagging.

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